Our Mission

Activate Church is a community of activists, following the way of Jesus, partnering with others in the renewal of all things. Our message is love. Our mission is liberation. Our values are inclusion and justice, affirmation and equality, celebration and emancipation.


By ‘activists’ we mean people that put their faith into action. Some do this by their lived example in the home or workplace, others use their voice to advocate for social, political or systemic change, and still others seek community to process, ask questions and dialogue about what it all means.


Our common dedication to partnering with God in the restoration of everything inspires us to become a concrete demonstration of a world that is not just a mere possibility, but is already underway. This is made possible through the resurrection of Christ and the Bible's assurance of renewal and reconciliation.


We believe people of every sexuality, gender and race are equal in every way and therefore naturally derive equal rights to access all social opportunities and cultural institutions – relationships, marriage, leadership, education, employment – in both society and church. We believe a commitment to loving people as Jesus did calls us to struggle in solidarity towards this equality becoming a lived reality for all people across all of society.

Our Beliefs

Activate Church is a community of activists, following the way of Jesus and partnering with God in the renewal of all things. We are committed to inclusive faith and social justice, to love and liberation. We strive to be part of God’s love growing through the world, making a better world for those who need it most, working with others to set the world to right.  As members of community, we aspire to live out the values of Inclusion, Community, and Social Justice. To be part of Activate means our language, our attitudes, and our actions reflect these values.

Loving God. Loving People.


Meet the executive team of the Activate Community, a community-driven organization dedicated to promoting social justice and faith-based activism. Committed to creating inclusive spaces and empowering marginalized communities, this team works to promote positive change through advocacy, activism, and community building.


Community Pastor with experience in creating inclusive spaces and fostering a sense of belonging. Passionate about social justice and empowering marginalized communities.



Community Director with a passion for connecting people and building vibrant communities. Committed to social justice and creating inclusive spaces for all.



Community Connections Lead with a talent for building relationships and fostering collaboration. Passionate about creating inclusive spaces and empowering individuals to achieve their goals.



Collective Lead with a talent for inspiring and mobilizing communities for social justice. Dedicated to creating meaningful change through advocacy and activism.



Operations Lead and Treasurer with a passion for promoting social justice. Committed to creating equitable and sustainable systems that empower marginalized communities.

Want to Connect?

Are you interested in joining us or learning more about Activate? Feel free to follow the contact link located on the right-hand side of this page to send us an email, or connect with us on Facebook to become a part of our online community.