My Hope for You


7th May – Tegan

I’m finding it hard to think of anything particularly inspirational to write. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong. I’ve been making the most of this interesting passage of time. I’m basically the childless home renovator those memes complain about who will be wearing a home made sweater when I next see you. Usually though, I have some kind of spark come newsletter day and it’s easy. But not this time.

So, instead of searching too hard for the right words to try and make you think I’m very eloquent, I will just tell you what I hope for you.

I hope you are keeping warm.

I hope you are getting rest, physically and mentally from whatever it is you have been facing since we last nodded or curtsied or shook hands or hugged.

I hope you are not allowing other peoples musings on the internet make you feel guilty- for being too productive, or too unproductive or too this or not enough that. You are good as you are, ok? Whatever you’re doing to make these days feel meaningful is enough. “Take your everyday ordinary life- your sleeping, eating, going to work and walking around life- and place it before God as an offering” (Romans 12:1 MSG). (Emphasis on sleep, for me)

I hope your job wasn’t too affected, and if it was, I’m sorry. That really truly sucks.

I hope you will reach out if you are stuck for groceries because there are beautiful people in this community who are able to help.

I hope you are well caffeinated, although I miss providing you with that and I look forward to it very much.

I hope that wherever you are on the spectrum of “Introvert dream- Extrovert nightmare”, you are finding much joy in your days.

I hope you’ve watched some good movies, or read good books or found your new favourite recipe or favourite game with your kids.

I hope you’ve noticed something new about the people you are closest to or found a favourite tree in your neighbourhood.

I hope you feel connected to someone. And if you don’t then I hope you will let me know this week and I will make time for you, even if we’ve yet to actually meet.


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