Dear Human,


A close up photo of spider webs with dew hanging on grass.

Dear Human,

You are welcome! A great deal of effort and thought went into creating you. 

I’m glad you can acknowledge it!

You must be careful of disrupting this equilibrium of our ecosystems. 

I made you all stewards of my creation. Please create positive change to correct the harm already done. 

I have blessed you with creativity and uniqueness to ensure an exciting time for you on Earth. 

It brings me joy to know that you have found the beauty in my creation of your surroundings. 

Ensure though, that you find the beauty in all my creations, including all humans. 

I have crafted you a treasure hunt, go find all the gold!

I created you each with perfect inner joy. 

Unfortunately, sin has gotten in the way of that. Clear a path and find it again. 

I taught you to love one another as you love yourselves. However, you must ensure that you do love yourself. 

Please focus: you were created for joy. Use this joy to formulate peace. 

You are the answer to the world falling down.

I cannot give you all the answers now, can I?

You as my creation have been given the ability to unlock answers. 

Accept the challenge.

I am very clever and I live inside of you. 

Therefore, you are clever also. 

Trust, I have the answers because I wrote the questions. 

-Emma Thorpe 2020