About our Community

Community Values

Activate Church is a faith community of activists, modelled on the life of Jesus, empowered by the Spirit, united by a commitment to join with God in the renewal of all things.

As a community desiring to follow the example of Christ Jesus, we seek to demonstrate and embody the Marks of a Disciple: Deep Spirituality, Radical Generosity, Selfless Servanthood, and Authentic Community.

Our commitment to Authentic Community means that together we strive to embody the life and character of Christ with our heads, hearts, hands and habits. We aspire to live out the values of Inclusion, Empowerment, Unity and Activism. To be part of Activate means to strive towards creating a community where the welfare and wellbeing of all people are always considered through our language, expressions, service and priorities; a community where our faith informs our character, and every interaction is grounded in love, solidarity, grace and non-violence.


Activate recognises that faith is a journey. We encourage questions and believe that exploration, challenge and doubt are part of this journey. In this we intentionally welcome and embrace all people as we grapple with the beauty, truth and mystery of the Kingdom of God as revealed through Jesus. This includes people from all ethnic backgrounds, of all genders, of all sexualities, of all abilities, of all ages and of all belief systems. (Galatians 3:28)



The Activate community understands and declares that every person has inherent worth and dignity, created in the image of God (2 Corinthians 5:17 / James 3:9). The community takes responsibility for affirming others in this truth, exploring what it looks like to love without compromise and without boundaries. Activate believes that the example of Christ compels us to serve others in ways that affirm everyone’s contribution and empowers all people to participate in a community that is joining with God in the renewal of all things.


Activate believes in fellowship. That when individuals gather with the purpose of loving and serving others, the shared sense of purpose inspires authentic, connected community. Togetherness is the intentional act-of-creating fellowship; supporting each other, celebrating and grieving together, and standing alongside one another in difficult times. The Activate community seeks to foster unity as shown in the character of Jesus – avoiding gossip, resentment or harsh words and actions, and actively encouraging each other in all pursuits. (Philippians 2:1-4)


Activate believes that we have the privilege and responsibility to partner with the Trinity and the Church in loving others and working toward a more just and empowered society. We work towards this future prayerfully, in listening to and partnering in solidarity with the oppressed, then striving in unity with all believers towards the restoration and renewal of all things (Ephesians 1:9-10) to the glory of God and the welfare of all people.