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The faces, the stories, the resilience, the hope, the extended hand, it is all sacred. It is all resurrection. It is a glimpse of how it should be. And this isn't to minimise the pain and struggle that we all are facing, but this is to extend hope. The hope that Jesus offers you and me. And the hope that one day things will be set to right, things as they are meant to be. And the invitation to participate now. Let's bring in the reversal now!

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"The story of Jonah is a well known bible story that you likely heard as a child, if you did, you may have missed the essence of the story. The story has a message that goes far deeper than the surface and often not told in the children's version. This story disrupts our personal peace and affluence. This story shows us a difference trajectory, where we are not the hero nor the most important person in the story. God is."

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