There will be no Sunday gatherings on 25th December and 1st January as we take time to rest. We will gather for a picnic brunch at Rymill Park / Mullawirraburka on 8th January and regular gatherings will commence on 15th January. Click here to join the FB group for more info.

Weekly Gatherings

Sunday mornings
10:30am at My Lover Cindi
223 Flinders Street, Adelaide 

A livestream is available in the Facebook group for those who can’t attend physically. Click here to join the FB group.


Christmas 2022

Sunday 18th Dec: Christmas Gathering at My Lover Cindi

Sunday 25th Dec & 1st Jan: No Gathering

Sunday 8th Jan: Picnic brunch at Rymill Park / Mullawirraburka

Sunday 15th Jan: Gathering at My Lover Cindi

All Welcome

We fully embrace LGBTIQ+ people into the life,
service and leadership of our community and
believe people of all gender, sexuality and race
are equal in every way.


Activate currently meets in iconic local queer venue, My Lover Cindi, which has been designed with accessibility in mind.

We are always open to suggestion as to how we can make our gatherings more accessible both in terms of the physical space and also how we undertake our activities.

Our access guide is available here.

About Us

Activate Church is a faith community of activists, modelled on the life of Jesus, empowered by the Spirit, united by a commitment to join with God in the renewal of all things.

We’re a community of people who gather each week in the Adelaide CBD.

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Apr 2022

The Story of Easter

Posted by admin

The story of Easter is that God didn’t just become human but He went through the most human experience of all in death, and He did that in a way that was shameful and difficult, and a real struggle, and was a result of the activism that He had been a part of in His ministry leading up to that point.

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Feb 2022

How do you measure growth in the Kingdom of God?

Posted by admin

volunteering.  or how many dollars they donate to end hunger, or poverty, or oppression.  It’s not measured by how many people say the sinners prayer.  And it’s not measured by how many people become less sexist or racist or classist on any given day.  I don’t you can measure it at all.  It’s like trying to measure a giggle, or the taste of chocolate, or how you feel when your baby smiles for the first time.  There are some things that cannot be measured.  If growing renewal isn’t something that can be measured, or easily defined, how is it that you can recognise it?

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Feb 2022

Love Your Neighbour

Posted by admin

going down this particular road  They were on their way somewhere, they were going about their daily business, and they came across somebody who was in need, and they all had different responses.

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Jan 2022

I’m Afraid

Posted by admin

The reason that I’m afraid is because when I think of the Spirit, there’s this sense of disconnection sometimes.  The Spirit is at work in the world growing through all things.  Working towards the renewal of all things.  The Spirit is there, whether we see it not.  Whether we know it or not.  Whether we participate in it or not.

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Dec 2021

The light is coming, and the dark is important

Posted by admin

What happens when we can’t find the joy. Or nothing feels merry and bright. What happens if we’re grieving a family member, and this is the first Christmas without them. What if we’re feeling the financial burden of a holiday under capitalism, and can’t afford mountains of presents or food for our children or families, even though we give everything to make sure they don’t miss out. What if we’re deep in the darkness of mental health issues and can’t see a way out. What if we’re struggling with eating disorders around a holiday based so much around food and communal meals. What if we’re stuck on the other side of the country, or the world, because of the pandemic. And we won’t be able to see our families for the second year in a row. What if our families is not a safe place for us to be. But the pressure of Christmas Day means we have to be there with them, at the detriment of ourselves. What if this time of year brings up memories of trauma relating to families, or Christmas, or anything. What if nothing seems merry or bright. What if the dark seems all consuming - or never ending.

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Nov 2021

The Nature of Truth

Posted by admin

Human beings are designed to resonate with the heart of God. When Jesus says in John 8:28, ‘You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free’ that’s what He was talking about. He wasn’t talking about you will get your bible and you will suck out all the verses on that topic, and then you will do a reductionist process and come out with principles and rules. He’s not saying you will know the truth like that. He was saying you will hear something, and you will go ‘Yes. Yes.’

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Our Story

Activate Church celebrated its 10 year milestone in 2019, looking back at the many and varying ways God has been at work in and through this community.